We know you have signed up to a Rat Race event because you love challenges. But getting some hearty grub and a quality drink should not be one of them. Therefore, Rat Race work hard to bring you some of the finest running fuel options on the market.

The Beerstalker Gastro-Pub marquee

Having taken on everything that the course can throw at you, the question is – can you push on into the evening? Of course you can. Our crew in the Beerstalker Gastro-Pub marquee will be on hand to offer a slick kitchen and bar service.

Picnicing in the campsite is part of the fun but please have plans to take your litter and recycling home with you. Please do not bring your own food and drink into the Beerstalker marquee so we can run this licensed premises as smoothly and comfortably as possible for those purchasing food and bev from the onsite concessions.


At Man Vs Lakes we will have an array of food options available in our Beerstalker marquee to get that vital fuel before and after taking on the epic course. To give you a flavour, here is an outline of what to expect based on what was on offer in 2019. Menu and timings are subject to tweaks.



Fuel Up on Friday night with the Beerstalker kitchen team serving up wood-fired pizza and energy fuelled pasta dishes. Both pizza and pasta come with salad bar access.



Breakfast is served in the form of a buffet in our Beerstalker marquee on the morning of Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

At breakfast time, access to the marquee will only be available for those that are camping with us, breakfast is included with your camping pass on Saturday, Sunday and Monday morning.  You will have easy access to seating and you can serve yourself cereals, toast, hot drinks and fruit juice while our kitchen prepares organic porridge. For these wanting the maximum fuel there is a hot roll option with a choice of bacon, egg, or vegan sausage. You can order this in the tent for an additional cost.


After the race we will have lots of tasty options to get you refuelled.

For early finishers and spectators our lunch menu will be include wood-fired pizza and rice dishes plus salad bar. Later in the afternoon the choice will increase with chips, burgers and slow cooked beef also available.




Our Beerstalker bar in the main tent will be on hand to serve you wine, gin, cider, real ale and draft lager. Here is what was available in 2019 as a guide to our 2020 offering. Our venue is a licensed premises and we want to create an environment that is both fun and responsible. Please therefore take note of these points relating to the consumption of alcohol.

  • Rat Race Man Vs Lakes is a glass free site to keep it as safe as possible for everybody. Please do not try to bring glass bottles into the event arena from the campsite. These will be subject to confiscation by the security staff.
  • Only alcohol purchased from our bars is to be consumed inside the main arena. Please leave your own booze for the campsite and don’t bring it into the main party marquees or you risk having it removed by our security team who will be check folk at the entrance.
  • Rat Race operate a Challenge 25 protocol so if you are blessed with a fresh face then bring the ID.
  • Man Vs Lakes is a celebration of achieving something awesome with special folk so please play nice and when the bar closes please ensure your friends and fellow campers get a good night’s sleep for the journey home.
  • Please Drink Aware.



On course our Pit Stop feed stations will have food and snacks to keep you going. Liquids include hot drinks, water and isotonic mix. Food will be a selection of salty and sweet snacks such such as jaffa cakes, Pit Stop flapjacks, crisps, Skittles, Harribo and fruit. We always recommend that participants plan to be self contained for food and use our Pit Stops as a bonus facility. Please note: Participants will need to carry a reusable cup suitable for hot drinks.


As participants cross the finish line they will receive one cup of soup and a Pit Stop bar flapjack each. This is intended to kick start the recovery with some liquid, salt and energy. A water stop will be located near to the finish line. The Beerststalker marquee will have food and bev for sale such as pizza, burgers, wine, beer and hot drinks.


Food and menus are subject to change.