This is indicative only for 2020 and the final kit requirements will be evaluated and published in the weeks prior to the event once the final route and weather conditions are assessed. Sea to Scafell Summit day 2 kit list will be the same as the Classic with the addition of mandatory waterproof trousers.


  • Small Rucksack, Bum Bag or Ultra-Running Pocket Vest or other appropriate method of carrying your kit.
  • Waterproof bag liner (of this type) – A quality roll top type bag is essential for keeping your kit dry. Your bag will remain with you at all times and so will inevitably be submerged whenever you enter the water. We also recommend a second and much smaller waterproof bag to stash any precious items in – car key or phone for example.
  • Bag tag and race number wristband – given to you at registration.
  • Tracker: – given to you at registration. Remember this must be returned.
  • Running Shoes
  • Hydration Bladder or Bottle(s) with a minimum of 2 litre capacity.
  • Food – Min 400kcal (about 4 gels): Always plan to have excess. This is a MINIMUM and our meaning here is that you have this fuel on you as a minimum AT ALL TIMES. i.e. you always have 4 gels (or equivalent) as Emergency Supplies. Please take enough food to be out in the hills, possibly in poor conditions, for up to 8 hours. Ensure you have enough salt and calories in your food.
  • Waterproof Jacket with TAPED SEAMS as a minimum standard. See image below for what we will be checking.
  • Hat suitable to the conditions (a Rat Rag or buff is OK but in very hot and sunny conditions a peaked sun cap would be better)
  • Gloves (lightweight running gloves are OK)
  • Survival Bag: Essential for unplanned stops. See our Rat Race Survival Bivvy Bag here
  • Basic First Aid Kit containing at least:
    – A triangular or conformable roller bandage
    – Assorted adhesive dressings
    – Separate sterile absorbent material (e.g. gauze or gauze bandage) suitable for compressing bleeding wounds
    In partnership with Life Systems we have had a medical kit produced that matches the needs of our events.
  • Whistle: Effective for getting attention in an emergency.
  • Fully charged Mobile Phone.
  • Money. £10 minimum is recommended.
  • Full leg cover. Running tights are a good lightweight option, it’s the unplanned stops that you might need them for.
  • Essential Event Information and medical contact numbers. (We provide a copy of this at registration.)


  • Technical Tee and/or a quality base layer.
  • Waterproof leg cover – This may become mandatory if the weather is unkind for July.
  • Additional upper body thermal layer – think about the unplanned stops and the amount of water immersion in this event.
  • Trail Shoes
  • Sun screen
  • Sun glasses
  • Blister treatment kit
  • Some form of identification
    Note: Your whole bag will get immersed and submerged at times on this route. So you must have a plan for any watches, phones, media players, phones, cameras, etc. Consider removing all jewellery.

Above: Close up picture of a jacket constructed with waterproof taped seams.